“You did it to me.”

At Saint Benedict Parish, we want to care for the people in our community, and we have a number of different ministries that help as many of our brothers and sisters as we can. Below are just a few of those ministries, and some contact information that you can use to get involved with them.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The purpose of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is to serve and to minister to all the poor and to promote dignity in accordance with Christian Values.

Vincentians work as a team within the Society in collaboration with other people of good will to serve the poor,  and discover ways to help in ways to end poverty. This is what we do and why we are here.  We are called to serve.

Call 902-444-8336 for more information.

Neighbour Care

Neighbour Care is about inviting people into connections of care to meet practical needs as part of a journey of discipleship. We can use some help with:

Neighbour Care Calls: Calling  a broad group of people connected to our parish to touch base, to pray together, and to see if they need help.

Phone Friends: Being paired up with a specific person to call regularly and let them be connected to a friendly voice

Essential Errands: Being paired up with a specific person to check in regularly and see if they need some help picking up groceries or medicine

Tech Top-Up: Being pared up with a specific person to help them learn how to get connected to Livestream for Mass, or to use Zoom for things like a Life Group or Alpha.

Would you like to join in? Email [email protected].

Food for Families

Food for Families was started to minister to families in acute need — to bring a healthy meal to families in the middle of a crisis or a new life event, like a new baby or a family illness or death. It has redefined and broadened itself for the purpose of addressing needs of our immediate community during the COVID-19 pandemic. People who are part of this group use Facebook to post an acute need that they come across on the group page and other people in this group respond to the post with ways they can help meet this need.

If you’d like to answer this call and respond with care, email [email protected].

Grief Support Group

The ministry of the Grief Support Group is to reach out to those who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one. Our hope is that no one has to go through this painful journey alone. The group provides friendship, prayer, love, and support in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Being in the company of others who have also experienced grief can offer comfort and hope. 

For further information please contact the parish office at 902-443-0725 or email [email protected].