Welcome to the Advent Family Prayer Challenge! Your family is invited to enter into the wonder of this Advent season through Scripture, prayer and reflection. 

Starting on the first Sunday of Advent, you’ll receive a daily reminder to join together as a family and pray. You can also do this daily on your own and consider meeting weekly with your Life Group to talk about the discussion questions. 

Advent means arrival, and the season of Advent allows us all to prepare not just our homes, but also our hearts for Christ.

Sign up by texting ADVENT to 902-900-0509

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a certain age to participate?

The prayers and reflections are written to be multi-generational, so all ages can participate! Parents are encouraged to adapt for their own children, if necessary.  Simply joining together as a family once a day to read God’s Word and pray together, whether around the dinner table or before bed, can help little ones prioritize faith in their lives, so even if your children are too young to follow the main themes, it is still a worthwhile exercise to include them.

What if I signed up late? Or miss a day?

The good news is that you will be able to pick this Challenge up at any point during Advent! If you start from the beginning, we encourage doing it every day (that’s what’s fun about a challenge!) but if you miss  day, don’t get discouraged and overwhelmed feeling you need to do the day you missed. Pick it up on the next day you get together to pray and keep going.

Do we have to do the prayers at a certain time each day?

You should decide what is the best time to pray with your family. Plan it during a time that you’re generally together, and try to make it happen at that time daily. Meal times or right before bed is a great time to try! What is most important in this challenge is that you take the time to get together and pray together.

What if I live alone or don’t have children?

You are unlikely to find these readings or reflections childish at all, so this has been created with you in mind too! We want to encourage family faith growth through this challenge, but “family” means different things to different people. Maybe invite someone to do it with you and you can text each other your thoughts each day once you have read it. Or create a group to meet with weekly to  discuss the daily readings and prayers. You are of course welcome to pray on your own each day using this resource. 

Do I have to pray the exact words that are given to us each day?

No, you do not. They are there to be a starting point. Be open to praying specifically for what Scripture stirred up in your discussion.

How can I remember to pray? December is such a busy month!

You’ll get a text, but of course that is unlikely to come at the exact right time. Starting a habit of doing it at the same time each day will help. But another ideas is to create an alarm on your phone to go off each day at the time you plan to pray together to remind you.

How is this different from the Advent Bible reading plan on the Bible app? Do I have to pick just one?

The Advent Family Prayer Challenge is meant to be read out loud with everyone in your home. The reading plan called A Weary World Rejoices on the Bible app is meant for individual prayer and study. Both are important and both can absolutely help you prepare Him room this Advent.