Again this year, our parish is blessed to have Lisa Sutherland leading our Alpha Children’s Ministry with the assistance of some very dedicated volunteers. On a recent Friday night, she asked the children at Alpha a few questions about Christmas. Please keep in mind that some of these children are churchgoers, while others are not. Enjoy, everyone!

Do you know where Jesus was born?
“He was born in Bethlehem.” - Zoe (age 8)
“He was born in December.” - Vicky (6)
“In a cottage.” - Karo (8)

Who is Jesus?
“Jesus is my saviour and he is Mary and God’s son.” - Eloho (7)
“He is our Saviour and our healer and our creator.” - Rebecca (7)
“God.” - Vicky

Do you remember the gifts Jesus received when He was born? “Frankincense and myrrh.” - Cruz (11) 
“Same as what Cruz said, and the little drummer boy played himself.” - Alexandra (9)
“Um... One of them was a cylinder I think, and one was a square shape, and one was a diagonal triangle, I think?” - Eloho, using her hands to make the shapes she described
“Gold and coins, money!” - Zoe
“Oh! Love?” - Vicky

Where does Jesus live now?
“In Heaven, which is technically a separate dimension from this world, as I like to call it.” - Cruz
“He lives everywhere, with every single one of us.” - Alexandra
“Heaven! Oh, and on Easter he is on earth, but every other day he is not!” - Rebecca
“Sometimes he lives down here, sometimes he lives up there.” - Eloho
“With us?” - Ivana (6)

Why did Jesus come to earth?
“To help us not sin and teach us to forgive.” - Alexandra
“So he can prepare us for what is to come, or help us on our long journey.” - Cruz
“To save us all from being evil.” - Eloho

Is there a special tradition that you do every year with your family?
“We always get together with family and have ham or turkey.” - Alexandra
“Every year we set up a stable with a manger and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and all the animals and have it underneath the tree.” - Cruz
“We usually go to my school to party at night, and we go on the stage and we sing all together.” - Vicky
“My grandma and grandpa are staying with us.” - Ivana

What is the happiest part of Christmas for you?
“Giving gifts to other people.” - Rebecca
“The joy of spending time with family and knowing you are loved.” - Cruz
“Being with my family and friends and God and Jesus and Mary.” - Zoe

This article was originally published in the December 2019 issue of the Bene Dictus.