SBPkids is a place for kids to come and be themselves as they meet Jesus and discover that God knows them and loves them and wants to be their friend!

At SBPkids kids can always except to sing and pray and have fun while hearing God’s Word and learning about how awesome it is to live a life following Jesus!

SBPkids is now Online!

With SBPkids Online Church, we now have SBPkid-friends all over the world who worship with us weekly as we keep learning and growing as followers of Jesus!

You can find each new episode of SBPkids Online Church at the end of the 9am Livestreamed Mass every week, or on our YouTube page.

Hey God! 21-Day Prayer Devotional

Right now at SBPkids, we’re talking all about talking.... Talking to God! To help with that, we’ve got a fun gift to help your child talk to God. Get a 21-Day Prayer Devotional for your elementary-aged kids who can read and write. It is full of activities and Scripture that will encourage your child to say “Hey God!” every day! Get yours below. (If that doesn’t work, click here)

Get The Scoop!

We know that your home is the best place for your kids to grow as followers of Jesus, and we want to help you bring the fun of SBPkids into your home each week as we support your parenting! That’s why we send out a newsletter full of encouragement and ideas that will enrich your home each week. Sign up below (or click here.)

Join the Community

We have an awesome community on Facebook for parents and caregivers of SBPkids. Join today!

Our primary goal with SBPkids is to move what we do with children from the genre of catechesis to that of evangelization. Everything begins with evangelization. We desire to see our young people encounter Jesus and come into a relationship with Him. Our secondary goal is to make it easier for young families to bring their children to church. We want to provide age-appropriate experiences for children while giving young parents the opportunity to be fully present at Mass, which we believe is good for the whole family." - Fr. James Mallon